Austria’s ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz withdraws from politics

Vienna, Dec 2 (EFE).- Austria’s former chancellor and leader of the conservative People’s Party Sebastian Kurz on Thursday announced his withdrawal from politics after 10 years in parliament.

The 35-year-old said in a statement that he was resigning from his position as head of party and group leader in parliament to focus on his family and newborn.

Kurz resigned as chancellor on October 9 amid a corruption and bribery scandal.

“I have always done my best, but I have made wrong decisions. I am neither a saint nor a criminal, I am a person with strengths and weaknesses,” the young politician said, referring to his political career.

Kurz said recent criticism and allegations of corruption against him hampered his “passion” and ability to focus on politics, making him feel like a victim of a “hunt.”

He has pushed back on all accusations and insists they are false.

Kurz said he dedicated the last 10 years of his life to politics but that since becoming a father has realized there are other “important and beautiful things outside politics.”

The young Viennese politician became the “child prodigy” of the European Christian Democrats after being appointed Secretary of State for Integration at the age of 24, Foreign Minister at the age of 27 and head of government at 31.

Today, after four turbulent years, he may become one of the youngest retired politicians. EFE


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