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Berlin’s public transport sells edible hemp tickets to fight Christmas stress

Berlin, Dec 14 (EFE).- Berlin’s public transportation operator (BVG), which runs the German capital’s underground U-Bahn service, has begun to sell edible tickets doused with cannabis oil to help reduce Christmas-related stress.

“Christmas in Berlin means one thing above all else: stress,” according to BVG, which runs much of the German capital’s public transportation network except for the S-Bahn rail service.

The ticket, valid for a 24-hour period between December 13 and 17, is made of edible paper sprinkled with a few drops of hemp oil, a legal product obtained from the cannabis plant.

This product is believed to have a relaxing effect, despite the fact that it is not scientifically proven.

The ticket — which costs 8.80 euros (about $9.95) — does not contain any prohibited or harmful substances, according to the BVG.

The hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis plant seeds does not contain toxic psychoactive ingredients such as CBD or THC, which are obtained from the flowers, it added. EFE


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