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Black Adam represents ‘new era’ in DC Comics: Dwayne Johnson

Los Angeles, USA, Oct 19 (EFE).- Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson’s latest character Black Adam represents a new chapter in the DC Universe with diversity representation.

Johnson sat down with Efe for an interview in Los Angeles ahead of a promotional tour for the latest superhero saga directed by Spanish filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra.

“Black Adam represents a new era in the DC universe, a new world, a new universe, new locations, new characters,” he said.

“We wanted to build out the DC universe and introduce characters that people hopefully will really love.

“But also characters that are cool, that are complex, that are badass, that are diverse in terms of color, and representation with diversity so there is a lot happening with Black Adam,” he added.

Warner Bros Pictures, owner of the DC Comics rights, has anticipated that Black Adam is a turning point for the film label responsible for the immortalization of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker.

But after the hostile reception of titles such as The Suicide Squad, Justice League and Birds of Prey, which left the studio without a clear direction, the film studio is betting all its cards on Black Adam.

“I think for people who love action movies and big action, they are going to be satisfied, I think for the superhero genre fans, they are going to be satisfied too,” the star said, adding that the film also tackles more serious issues such as oppression and freedom.

Set in a universe inspired by the Middle East, Black Adam is freed from prison after 5,000 years to find that Kahndaq, the ancient civilisation he grew up in, has become a modern metropolis.

The superhero’s division between evil and good makes the title “more compelling”, according to Johnson.

Black Adam will be released on big screens on Friday. EFE


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