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Brisbane authorities investigate death of baby after magpie attack

Sydney, Australia, Aug 10 (EFE).- Brisbane City Council on Tuesday opened an investigation into the death of a baby girl after her mother fell on her while trying to fend off a swooping magpie in a city park.

The mayor, Adrian Schrinner, said the incident “shocked our community to the absolute core” during the announcement of the opening of the investigation.

The 5-month-old baby, identified only as Mia, died on Monday in hospital where she was admitted with serious injuries after her mother fell while carrying her and trying to protect her from the bird in Glindemann Park.

“This is something that I’m aware has never happened before, and this is something we want to make sure never happens agai,,” said the mayor.

People in the area had complained to the council that the magpie, which has now been relocated, had previously attacked residents, including a primary school-aged student, reported public broadcaster ABC.

The investigation will focus on establishing what happened, studying whether all policies and procedures were followed correctly, and finding ways to prevent similar incidents in the future. EFE


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