China bans over 100 Taiwan products amid row over Pelosi visit

Beijing, Aug 2 (EFE).- China has banned the import of over 100 food and agricultural products from Taiwan amid the ongoing tensions over reports of the speaker of United States’ House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, planning to visit the island on Tuesday night.

Late on Monday, the General Administration of Customs China released an updated list of Taiwanese companies whose products would be banned immediately, alleging that they violated “important regulations,” without specifying the details.

This is China’s first direct reaction over the possibility of Pelosi landing in Taipei on Tuesday for an unprecedented and unannounced visit – widely reported by US and Taiwanese media – as part of her Asia tour.

Beijing has warned of heavy repercussions if the visit materializes.

The blacklisted companies include Vig Bakery, Jingdian Food, Guo Yuanyi Food, Weili Food, Weiquan Food and Taishan Enterprises.

Local media outlets in Taiwan said that the measure could seriously damage the island’s food, agricultural and fishing industries.

Businesses had already been hit last year after China banned the imports of pineapple and other crops citing the risk of contagious diseases.

Experts had warned that one of Beijing’s possible responses to the US politician’s visit could be imposing fresh sanctions on Taiwan.

Pelosi had earlier announced a Taiwan visit in April, but cancelled her plans after testing positive for Covid-19.

Several delegations of the US Congress have visited Taipei in recent months.

China considers Taiwan a broke-away province since the Kuomintang nationalists withdrew there in 1949 after losing the civil war against the communists.

Although the US does not maintain official ties with the island, it has emerged as the main bone of contention between Beijing and Washington, as the North American nation is the major weapons supplier to Taiwan and is seen as its biggest military ally in case of a possible conflict with China.

Tensions have risen across the Taiwan Strait in the past year, with the number of Chinese aircraft allegedly violating Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has admitted that the US has a military presence on the island, something Beijing called a “provocation.”

Beijing has repeatedly condemned the passage of US destroyers through the Taiwan Strait in recent months. EFE


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