China denies building naval base in Cambodia

Beijing, Jun 7 (EFE).- The Government of China denied Tuesday building a naval facility for the exclusive use of its armed forces in the Cambodian city of Ream.

Beijing’s statement comes a day after US newspaper Washington Post reported that the Asian giant was building a naval base in Cambodia.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian, at a press conference, underlined that the Cambodian side had said their Constitution does not allow foreign countries to build military bases on their soil.

Zhao added that the reconstruction of the Yunyang base was aimed at strengthening the Cambodian Navy’s ability to protect its territorial integrity and combat maritime crime.

The spokesperson also accused the US of not listening to the Cambodian side and of carrying out an act of “harassment” by pressuring the Southeast Asian country with repeated malicious accusations.

He also questioned US’ concerns about China’s activities when Washington has “800 military bases” around the world along with a military spending he claimed was equal to the sum of the next nine countries.

China having a base in Cambodia would strengthen its position in claiming all the waters in the South China Sea, which has large oil and gas reserves and through which 30 percent of global trade passes. EFE


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