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Classified UK Ministry of Defence intel on Russia found at bus stop

London, Jun 27 (EFE).- Classified documents from the UK Ministry of Defence envisaging likely reactions from Russia to the HMS Defender’s passage by Crimean waters were found this week in a bus stop in Kent, England, as the BBC reported Sunday.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said the file had been reported missing last week, and declined to make any more comments on the matter.

The document is over 50 pages long and includes sensitive information, with emails and slide presentations, detailing the passage of the Royal Navy vessel HMS Defender in front of the Crimean peninsula, which early this week caused a stand-off with Russia.

The Russian army claims it fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of the British destroyer, although the UK contradicted that version and said the no shots were directed at the ship, which was “conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters.”

The documents reveal that London was aware Russia might respond aggressively to the HMS Defender sailing close to Crimea.

“Following the transition from defence engagement activity to operational activity, it is highly likely that RFN (Russian navy) and VKS (Russian air force) interactions will become more frequent and assertive,” warns one of the documents.

The classified information also includes plans for potential military presence in Afghanistan once the US-led military operation ends, although the BBC chose not to report some details due to the sensitivity of the document. EFE


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