Cop26: Africa, where the climate crisis is already a reality

Nairobi, Nov 1 (EFE).- Climate change is more than an imminent threat for Africa, it is a crisis that is already severely affecting millions of people on the continent.

A drought has pushed a million people to the verge of famine in Madagascar, while heavy rains hitting South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Senegal forced 1.2 million people out of their homes last year.

Many of these extreme weather events are not new in Africa, but the climate crisis is increasing their frequency and intensity, causing unprecedented damage, Dr Linda Ogallo from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) tells Efe.

Africa is the most affected by the climate crisis because many communities are dependent on rain-fed agriculture, lack early warning systems or do not have the infrastructure or resources to withstand such shocks, Ogallo adds.

Organizations such as the World Bank predict that extreme weather events will force tens of millions of Africans to leave their homes over the next 30 years, even if urgent measures are put in place to counter global warming.

Although Africa emits the fewest greenhouse gases – 4 percent of the global emissions – there is a lot at stake for Africans at the ongoing climate conference.

The common agenda of African negotiators, led by Gabon’s Tanguy Gahouma–Bekale, will push for more cooperation to install environmentally friendly energy infrastructures on the continent as well as demand that developed countries do their part in combating climate change, according to Gahouma–Bekale.

“Developed countries must avoid shifting their climate responsibilities, particularly regarding their cumulative GHG emissions, to developing countries,” he said.

“The developed economies should also lead with clear targets for reaching net-zero emissions by 2050,” he added.

While African nations recognize the importance of cutting greenhouse gases, they are reluctant to commit to the same roadmap as the developed countries.

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