Dakar forum calls for greater international water, sanitation rights

Dakar, Mar 25, (EFE).- The 9th World Water Forum on Friday called on the international community to ensure the right to access to clean water and sanitation becomes a global reality during the closing day of the week-long convention taking place in Senegal’s capital Dakar.

The petition was presented by the co-presidents of the steering committee Abdoulaye Sène and Patrick Lavarde.

Both called for the proposals to be accelerated by the adoption of a legal framework and through international humanitarian law, which can safeguard access to water and sanitation in times of conflict.

They also advocated for the adequate governance, international cooperation and financing of water resources.

The Senegalese government and the World Water Council should present the proposals at the next United Nations convention on water in 2023.

The United States international development agency (USAID) on Tuesday pledged $1.2 billion toward water access and sanitation, with around 70% of that funding earmarked for the African continent. EFE


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