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Dozens of women in Kabul protest Taliban’s arbitrary killings, oppression

Kabul, Jan 16 (EFE).- Women in Kabul city flooded the streets on Sunday to protest the killing of Zainab Abdullahi, who was murdered two days ago, and rules enforcing women to wear a Burqa.

Protesters chanted: “stop arresting and killing innocent women,” “freedom, education, and working rights,” and “let us wear the Islamic veil, not the Taliban’s or Pakistani veil or Burqa.”

Zainab Abdullahi was killed by the Taliban when she was returning from a wedding in a Hazara neighborhood of the Dasht-e-Barch area when the Taliban reportedly opened fire at her car.

“After checking the car and crossing the checkpoints The Taliban security forces opened fire at our car and my sister died in my arms,” Fatima Abdullahi, sister of Zainab Abdullahi, denounced in a video shared on social media.

The female protestors decried the situation of women’s rights in Afghanistan and Kabul.

As well as protesting Abdullahi’s arbitrary killing, the women demanded the release of female military officer Adila Azizi from prison.

New rules disallowing women from travelling in a vehicle without the presence of a male guardian and the enforced use of the Burqa, also had the women up in arms.

“The lives of women in Afghanistan have become very tough. The killing of Zainab, Taliban restrictions over the women of Afghanistan…. Our only option is to raise our voice even if it endangers our lives,” Mursal Ayar, one of the protest’s organizers, told EFE.

The protest was conducted by the members of the Afghan Women’s Justice Movement which was quelled violently by Taliban security forces.

“Again, Taliban security forces treated protestors violently and harmed our friends,” Ayar added.EFE


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