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Ecuador’s LGBT+ community celebrates Pride Day in Guayaquil

Quito, Jul 2 (EFE).- Hundreds of people from Ecuador’s LGBTI community and its supporters paraded Saturday through the streets of the coastal city of Guayaquil to celebrate Pride Day.

Although there were protestations against the violence and discrimination that this community still endures, it was also a festival in which advances were celebrated in a parade full of color, dancing and music.

The march traveled through the main streets of the center of Guayaquil, especially the popular 9 de Octubre avenue, and concluded in the Parque del Centenario, where a stage was installed for a festival.

Pride Fest was a party in which the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and other sexual diversity groups displayed their realities and joys.

There have been entrepreneurship initiatives, in which the LGBTI Chamber of Commerce of Ecuador is engaged, a process that provides employment opportunities for this community that has also been historically discriminated against in the workplace.

The parade included colorful cars, rainbow flags and posters with which the community demanded “tolerance and respect.”

Banners “against fear” were also seen, and a mother gave away “free hugs” to support young people who have decided to “break the silence” and people whose families do not accept their sexual orientation.

The Silhouette X Association, the Ecuadorian Pride Federation, the undersecretary of diversities and the LGBTI Chamber of Commerce, among others, were the organizers of this celebration that was in danger of being canceled due to the protests that took place in the country between over 13-30.

This march, followed by hundreds of onlookers, was planned for a week ago, but was postponed due to the strong demonstrations against the cost of living, promoted mainly by the indigenous movement. EFE


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