EU logistics ready for digital Covid certificate official entry into force

Brussels, Jun 30 (EFE).- All European Union member states, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland, are now logistically ready for the official entry into force of the digital Covid certificate on Thursday, with the objective of facilitating movement and boosting tourism as the summer season kicks off.

While some countries, like Spain, had implemented the tool beforehand, Ireland will not be ready to use the Covid certificate by the target date, but later in early July, following a cyber attack that set back logistics preparations, Didier Reynders, European commissioner for justice, said Wednesday.

The certificate will be free of charge and issued by national authorities, allowing carriers to prove vaccination, negative Covid-19 test results, or recovery from the disease in the six months prior.

The regulation for the certificate includes an emergency brake mechanism, allowing member states to reintroduce temporary measures if the situation requires.

Reynders stressed on the need to inform other EU nations and the European Commission before imposing such measures.

The certificate consists of a QR code that can be carried on digital devices or printed out before travel.

Starting Thursday, it is legally binding for all 27 EU member states, as well as Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Norway and Switzerland, who could opt in at a later date, are currently undergoing a test phase.

Fully inoculated people with vaccination certificates will not be asked to carry out a Covid-19 test, as EU governments agreed.

Those able to demonstrate they are healthy will not be required quarantine after travel.

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