Ex-Philippines president Fidel Ramos, who helped overthrow Marcos, dies

Manila, Jul 31 (EFE).- Former Philippines president Fidel Ramos, who played a key role in ousting dictator Ferdinand Marcos, died on Sunday aged 94 due to coronavirus-related complications, family sources told local media.

Under Ramos (1992-1998), the archipelago was opened up to foreign investment and was considered one of Asia’s so-called economic tigers for its strong economic growth until the 1997 crisis.

Ramos joined the Philippines armed forces after graduating from the United States Military Academy West Point in 1950. He rose through the ranks until Marcos appointed him head of the police in 1972.

During the 1986 Manila peaceful protests, he defected from the Marcos camp, which along with other factors led to the fall and exile of the dictator, who died in Hawaii in 1989.

The move earned him the position of head of the Armed Forces in Corazon Aquino’s government (1986-1992), before winning the first elections under the new Constitution and ruling the country until 1998. EFE


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