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First Lady to families of soldiers in Afghanistan: ‘You are not alone’

Washington, Aug 27 (EFE).- Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, Friday told the families of the soldiers who took part in the Afghan mission that they were not alone as the deadly terror tragedy in Kabul proved “the ultimate sacrifice you are willing to make.”

In a Facebook post, Jill Biden spoke out a day after a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport killed dozens of people, including 13 American soldiers.

“This week’s tragic attack outside of the Kabul airport left us with the stinging reality of the ultimate sacrifice you are willing to make,” she wrote.

“Please join me in praying for the fallen and those still serving on the front lines (and) their families.”

The first lady recalled that she was a military mom, alluding to her stepson Beau Biden, who served in the military and later died from aggressive brain cancer in 2015 at 46.

She acknowledged the pain of losing a family member in faraway military missions.

“Too many of you lost a piece of your heart forever there. This mission is personal to you, and you have shouldered its enormous weight.”

She said as the mission in Afghanistan was coming to an end, “you may be experiencing many emotions.”

“Know that my heart is with you as you navigate what comes next for your family, your community, and our nation. You are not alone.”

The White House warned Friday that the last days of US soldiers in Afghanistan to complete their withdrawal by Aug.31 might be “the most dangerous to date.”

The US has more than 5,000 military personnel deployed to Afghanistan to protect the Kabul airport, the target of the attack on Thursday.

The military oversees the evacuation process of the remaining Americans and Afghans who worked with the US and its different agencies during 20 years of war in Afghanistan. EFE


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