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Flamenco passion captivates audience at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh, Aug 14 (EFE).- “It’s unbelievable,” says an audience member of Flamenco Fringe, a Spanish music show that has sold out of tickets at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year.

Daniel Martinez, Gabriela Pouso, Danielo Olivera and Inma Montero are responsible for bringing flamenco, the folkloric musical tradition from Southern Spain, to the city of Edinburgh, where the art form has been well received by the locals and visitors.

As soon as Martinez starts strumming his guitar, as if caressing the instrument, the audience is mesmerized, in complete silence, only to be spirited away to the warmth and joyous bustle of Andalusia when Montero and Olivera kick in with rhythmic hand clapping and singing.

Their voices are complemented by the elegant Pouso, as she dances, turns, taps her heels against the floor and hypnotizes the audience with graceful arm movements under a traditional flamenco dress.

“Stunning. The performance, the singing, the dancing, the guitar,” says one of the audience members after the show.

Although they do have fixed musical pieces they perform on every show, such as “Joy in Scotland,” they also turn to improvisation every day, making each of their performances a different experience.

“Flamenco is a very special type of music, one that comes from pain, but also joy. It carries a lot of emotion, and that is why it is different every time,” says Olivera. EFE


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