French far-right candidate Le Pen seeks Nato-Russia ‘rapprochement’

Paris, Apr 13 (EFE).- France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Wednesday said she wanted closer ties between Nato and Russia after the war in Ukraine to counterbalance strong bonds between Moscow and Beijing.

“We have to reflect on the role of Nato following the fall of the Warsaw Pact, and for that, after the war in Ukraine, I will suppose a rapprochement between Russia and Nato, which is also in the interest of the United States,” the National Rally (formerly National Front) candidate said.

Le Pen’s stance on Russia and Nato have been in the spotlight during the election campaign as she gears up to take on incumbent president Emmanuel Macron in a runoff vote on April 24.

She added during a press conference Wednesday that she was in favor of withdrawing France from Nato’s integrated military structure.

“I hear that Finland and Sweden want to join Nato, I hear there are fears that France will end its commitment to the Alliance. I want to dispel any misunderstanding: I want to return to the politics of 1966-2009 (when France withdrew forces from Nato command, although it remained a member). That does not mean submitting to Moscow,” she said. EFE


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