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German chancellor to China: Don’t supply weapons to Russia

Berlin, Mar 2 (EFE).- German chancellor Olaf Scholz Thursday called on China not to send arms to Russia and urged the Asian giant to lobby Moscow to end its invasion of Ukraine.

“Use your influence in Moscow to press for the withdrawal of Russian troops, and do not supply weapons to the aggressor Russia,” Scholz said during a speech to the German Bundestag.

“If Ukraine stops defending itself, it won’t mean peace, it will mean the end of Ukraine,” he added.

Scholz also insisted that for lasting peace in Ukraine, repairing international law and respecting European stability were required, highlighting that Russian president Vladimir Putin had broken those rules and violated the Charter of the United Nations.

During the session, the German leader hailed the fact that Chinese leaders had “unequivocally rejected the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons” in the war in Ukraine, but he said he was disappointed that China had not issued a “clear condemnation of the Russian attack” at a recent meeting of G20 finance ministers.

Scholz told the Bundestag he would fly to Washington later on Thursday to discuss the situation in Ukraine with United States president Joe Biden. EFE


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