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‘Inside Magritte’ exhibition takes viewers inside artist’s surreal mind

By F.H. Ginel

Liege, Belgium, Dec 4 (EFE).- ‘Inside Magritte’, an exhibition at La Boverie museum in Liège, takes visitors inside the mind of the surreal Belgian artist René Magritte with new technologies.

Using virtual and augmented reality, the exhibition showcases 160 artworks by the painter offering an immersive experience into Magritte’s art, mind and life.

“Showcasing Magritte in Belgium is common, because he is a well-known artist here, (…) but this is the first exhibition in Belgium with an immersive format,” art historian Lea Rangé, told Efe.

Visitors walk through winding corridors of original paintings and biographical lines before arriving at the exhibition’s masterpiece; an immersive room of Magritte’s cosmos through animated art.

The idea behind this room is to challenge visitors to feel like they are in the painter’s surreal mind.

The display uses augmented reality, image projections, mirror and lighting games that purposefully create disorder in the viewer’s vision.

As a finishing touch, the tour offers a virtual reality space that culminates the multisensory experience of the user, who is transported into a 360 degrees journey through the futuristic language of the master of surrealism.

“Magritte didn’t like us to interpret his works. But through immersive experiences, the discourse surrounding them is eliminated and the viewer can find himself truly abstracted in his universe. In this way, no interpretation is needed,” says Rangé. EFE


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