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International dance festival opens with Panama subway show

Panama City, Oct 7 (EFE).- The 11th edition of the Panama International Contemporary Dance Festival (Prisma) opened Friday with a performance in one of Panama City’s subway stations, exploring what it means to “be oneself.”

The piece, entitled “Yo en mí,” was performed in the busy subway by dancers Aleksandra Chakarova and Adrián Morales from the 5TA Esencia collective.

Chakarova and Morales stage an artistic show characterized by intensity of movement and expression as a way of inquiring about an increasingly faster world, but at the same time routine and the reality of “being oneself.”

The collective seeks to integrate various studies of movement through continuous research and experimentation, bringing the viewer a multidisciplinary sensory experience through the fusion of genres, techniques and styles.

5TA Esencia is directed by Chakarova, born in Bulgaria, and Panamanian Morales, both based in Panama, where in addition to producing shows they extend the scope of their methodological proposal called “bY” through workshops and training programs for both dancers and non-dancers.

The presentation of “Yo en mí” is one of the many free performances that Prisma will show in various open spaces in Panama City, in addition to performances in other locations such as the National Theater and the Ateneo Theater, City of Knowledge among others.

Prisma will run through till Oct.16 and will bring together more than 100 international and local dancers from three continents, including nine companies, for performances, masterclasses and workshops. EFE


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