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Macron: Ukraine ceasefire deal not likely in near future

Versailles, France, Mar 10 (EFE).- French president Emmanuel Macron on Thursday cast doubt on a short-term diplomatic solution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but said the European Union should remain open to the option.

“I’m concerned and pessimistic,” Macron told reporters at an informal meeting of EU leaders that he is hosting in Versailles.

“Europe is united against this war and that is very important. It should prepare for all eventualities.”

Macron said that although he would maintain an “honest” dialogue with Russian president Vladimir Putin, he thought the chances of a ceasefire in Ukraine in the coming hours was unrealistic.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Putin launched on February 24, sits atop the agenda at the EU meeting as leaders discuss a common strategy and plans to wean the bloc off its dependence on Russian energy.

“The important aspects are in defense and energy, our willingness in the short-term to protect our compatriots, our businesses, against rising prices. France has frozen gas prices. If it continues, it will be necessary to draw up measures at a European level.”

EU leaders are also due to discuss Ukraine’s petition to join the bloc.

He declined to comment on whether the European Union’s response to the Russian invasion would lead to it taking more debt.

“First we have to secure a ceasefire to protect the Ukrainians and our Europe.” EFE


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