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Magnitude 7.5 quake damages hundreds of houses in Peru

Lima, Nov 28 (EFE).- A 7.5 magnitude earthquake that shook northern Peru Sunday left at least 12 people injured and damaged hundreds of homes in the remote Amazon region of the South American country.

The national emergency center reported that nearly 2,000 persons were affected by the quake, with the epicenter located 98 km from Santa Maria de Nieva town in Condorcanqui province.

The earthquake was strong but had a depth of 131 km.

According to US Geological Survey, such earthquakes with focal depths between 70 and 300 km cause lesser damage on the ground surface than is the case with similar-magnitude shallow-focus temblors.

The tremor caused no loss of life, but the authorities said nearly 400 homes were affected, of which 76 were destroyed and 147 rendered uninhabitable.

At least three health facilities and 15 religious places, including two churches, were destroyed.

Large portions of roads were damaged, and electricity was disrupted in many areas.

President Pedro Castillo traveled to the affected La Jalca in the Amazon region, where several buildings collapsed.

Part of a 16th-century church, a large building from the colonial era, in La Jalca district in the Amazon region was also damaged.

“All my solidarity with the people of Amazonas in the face of the strong earthquake. I have arranged for the ministries and agencies of the executive branch to implement immediate action. You are not alone, brothers. We will support those affected by structural damage,” the president tweeted.

Peru is located in the area called the Pacific Ring of Fire, where approximately 85% of the world’s seismic activity is recorded.

Some damage to properties was also reported from the neighboring Ecuadorian cantons of Zamora and Loja where several buildings and a church collapsed. EFE


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