Marcos says Philippines will not rejoin International Criminal Court

Manila, Aug 1 (EFE).- Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said Monday he has no intention to reincorporate the Philippines into the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Asian country had left the ICC in 2019 under his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, following an investigation into the country’s bloody war on drugs under his leadership.

“The Philippines has no intention of rejoining the ICC,” Marcos told reporters during a press conference on another matter, the national vaccination campaign.

Duterte officially withdrew the country from the ICC in 2019, after it announced initiating preliminary examination of possible crimes against humanity committed during the anti-drug war.

In Duterte’s operation to rid the country off its drug menace, about 27,000 people were killed in police raids, according to several international nonprofits, although the Philippine police recognize only 6,200 deaths.

Although the Philippines is not part of the ICC, the body has jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes against humanity, since it was a part of the court when the incident under investigation occurred.

“The ICC said it wants to continue the investigation but we’re telling them that we already have an ongoing investigation here at home so why would there be a need for that?” Marcos said.

On Jun.24, a week before Marcos – son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos – was sworn-in, ICC prosecutor Karim Khan again asked the Court for permission to continue the investigation into the war on drugs.

Three weeks later, the ICC asked the new Philippine government on its position on the matter, which could include the entry into the country of its investigators.

The Philippine government – which has until Sep.8 to respond – has not said anything explicitly yet, but Marcos through his latest statement has indicated he would not cooperate with the ICC.

Marcos ran for president in tandem with Duterte’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, who has been appointed Vice President of the Philippines. EFE


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