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Margaret Tyler, 40 years of love for the British royal family

London, Feb 3 (EFE).- Behind two figures of Queen Elizabeth II and a Queen’s Guard soldier mannequin stands Margaret Tyler’s Heritage House. The British 77 year old has been collecting thousands of memorabilia of the UK’s royal family in her home in north London for 40 years.

Mugs, cups, figurines, posters, puzzles, paintings and many other objects of the royals have taken over four rooms and a bedroom in her house.

“I’ve got a house full of stuff, not much room to live in, but I don’t mind,” Tyler says as she sports an enormous rosette with a photo of Princess Diana and a Union Jack jacket.

“I just love it, I’m thinking about it all the time, I buy magazines, I buy newspapers galore, I’d like to do a giant scrapbook but don’t know if I can get that fitted anywhere, but I’ll try,” she jokingly adds.

From one of the memorabilia-filled rooms, she tells EFE-EPA that her love for the British royal family is one she inherited from her father, a passion that has led her to suffer with the losses and celebrate the Queen’s joyous occasions.

“He (her father) was a great royalist and I think I must have picked up a lot of it even when I was very young, without even realizing it.

“The day the King died for instance, it was just as if a grandfather or relative had died, we were in mourning, literally.”

Tyler moved to London from Herefordshire when she was 19 to be close to the royal family.

“I’ve met the Queen on four occasions, I’ve given her cakes, I’ve given her flowers, I feel as though I’ve been close to her,” she says.

As Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee nears, Tyler can’t wait to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her accession on 6 February 1952.

“What will I be doing for the Jubilee? As many things as possible really (…) There’s a competition for the best pudding, whether I go in for that or not, I don’t know,” she says.

“I just hope it’s a cheery time for the Queen, as much as possible, and just cheery for everybody.” EFE.


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