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Modern Love season 2 release: a reflection of real but unconventional love

By Paula Escalada Medrano

Madrid, Aug 13 (EFE).- Real love stories, yet wrapped in unconventional circumstances that could nonetheless happen to anyone. That is Modern Love, an Amazon Prime Video anthology series that tells stories of love as narrated by common citizens in a New York Times weekly column.

The television show premieres its second season on Friday starring celebrities like Kit Harington, Minnie Driver and Tobias Menzies.

“You want to make a show that feels like anybody watching the show could have his or her story in the show, cause at least in theory you can write to the New York Times and tell your modern love story, and that could end up on a screen,” said John Carney (Begin Again), writer and director of most of the episodes.

The second season of Modern Love consists of eight episodes of about 30 minutes, which tell no overarching story but independent anecdotes depicting real relationships, albeit in peculiar situations.

“It was really wonderful to tell such a deep emotional story to see how the secret lives that go on inside all of us,” said Minnie Driver, who gives life on screen to one of the characters.

“It is relatable. It is not just happening to some movie star with a script that has been written and is a made up story,” she adds.

In fact, actor Andrew Rannells shared one story of his own with the NYT column, which was taken to the screen by actors Zane Pais and Marquis Rodriguez.

“I feel that this is a show that is celebratory of a lot of different types of connections and a lot of different types of romances and love,” Rannells says. “Now is the perfect time for people to see the second season because it is about human connection which is something I feel that we have all missed.”

British actor Kit Harington moved on from swords and gory battles in HBO’s Game of Thrones to this romantic, more intimate project, in a story of love thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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