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Naked bodies become artistic canvases in New York

New York, Jul 24 (EFE).- Protected under improvised tents amid the exhausting heat, some 45 people on Sunday allowed their naked bodies to become canvases for 35 artists on New York’s Union Square to show acceptance of their bodies and their joy of living.

Young people, the elderly, women, men, blacks, whites, Latinos, fat and thin – people of all body types, ethnicities and ages turned out for National Body Painting Day as the artists on hand for the event used vivid colors under the gaze of hundreds of onlookers, who were kept at a short distance from the artistic activities by a barrier and who took photos and videos.

Saying that she loves to paint people’s bodies so that they feel really empowered, Dorothy Rojas, who is of Ecuadorian and Chilean origin, told EFE how she was approaching her task as she put the finishing touches on the model with whom she was working.

Rojas, who has also painted her own naked body for artistic purposes, said that she selected the colors and the design she used so that the young woman serving as her model would feel “pretty” and so that the end result would reflect her youthful energy.

Rachel Medard – a nurse who allowed herself to be used as a blank canvas and said that it was her first time participating in National Body Painting Day – noted that she felt free in doing so, it had been on her list of things she’d always wanted to do, she loves her body and its curves and wanted to help contribute to beautiful art.

Lisa I. also said it was her first time removing all her clothing and serving as a model in this way, adding that for her it was a question of “respect” and that – painted up like this – she feels like a “superhero.”

Some of the models joked and chatted with their painters, spoke with other models or danced to the sound of the music playing at the event, while others simply allowed themselves to be caressed by the paintbrushes and awaited the final result.

Darrel said he is a mechanic and his wife is a nurse, and they came to Union Square from North Dakota specifically to participate in the body painting event, where they were making their debut.

He said they thought it would be fun to feel free to express themselves and be surrounded with such different people at an artistic event of this kind.

Entry was restricted at the event, organized by the Human Connection Arts organization, and many people approached the reception table to ask about what was going on or to request information on how they could participate at next year’s event.

Before the ninth edition of the body painting event concluded, this time – and for the first time – the participants joined in what they called a “circle of hope” to share their individual energies.

Daniela – from Germany – said that she wanted to be part of this group with such positive energy, which imparts a message of hope, and the artist working on her painted in vibrant greens and yellows various messages such as “I will remember today” and “Last night I had a dream, a dream of hope.”

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