North Korea to issue stamps featuring Kim Jong-un’s daughter

Seoul, Feb 14 (EFE).- North Korea on Tuesday unveiled a series of stamps featuring leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter for the first time.

The stamps, which will be issued on Feb. 17, commemorate the first successful launch of the Hwasong-17, the North Korean regime’s longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), on Nov. 18, according to the designs posted by the North Korean postal service on its website on Tuesday.

The series consists of eight different stamps, five of which feature Kim Jong-un with his daughter.

Two of them show the leader walking in front of the missile launcher on the day of the launch with his daughter, who is wearing a white coat and holding his hand.

The photos, released by the North Korean media a day after the launch, on Nov. 19, were the first-ever published images of Kim Jong-un’s daughter.

North Korean media rarely publishes information about close relatives of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the country with an iron hand since the 1940s, and the girl had been no exception so far.

The other three stamps in which the young woman appears are photographs that were taken days after the successful missile test.

In them, the girl is seen clad in a black coat and posing with her father in front of the missile launcher along members of the unit responsible for operating the weapon.

Very little is known about the girl, who has only been referred to in the North Korean media as the “beloved daughter” of Kim Jong-un.

South Korean intelligence believes she is Kim’s middle daughter and around 10 years old.

Following one of his extravagant visits to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-un, former American basketball player Dennis Rodman said publicly in 2013 that he held “his daughter Ju-ae,” a baby at the time.

The public appearance of the girl, who attended a military parade commemorating the army’s 75th founding anniversary last week, has sparked speculation about the possibility of Kim Jong-un designating her as his successor.

However, most experts believe that the regime may simply be wanting to portray the leader as a family man. EFE


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