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Oldest known gorilla in the world turns 65

Berlin, Apr 13 (EFE).- The oldest known gorilla in the world turned 65 on Wednesday, an occasion marked by a birthday celebration at her Berlin zoo enclosure.

Fatou arrived at the zoo in Berlin when she was only two years old.

“For her exceptionally advanced age, Fatou is a decidedly spry old lady with a healthy appetite. We’re happy to have her with us everyday and hope to celebrate a few more birthdays with her,” Zoo Berlin’s Christian Aust said in a statement.

To celebrate Fatou’s special day, the zoo organized a “cozy coffee party” for Fatou and her family with a birthday cake made of rice, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit.

Fatou lives with her son, four daughters and grandchild.

Western lowland gorillas are at risk of extinction in the wild due to the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting, which have severely impacted the gorilla population.

Gorillas are the largest apes and can weigh up to 200 kg. EFE


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