People march in Lima to demand resignation of Peruvian president

Lima, June 4 (EFE).- Members of organizations, political parties and social movements marched Saturday through the center of Lima to demand the resignation of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, whom they called “corrupt ” and a “communist.”

The demonstration, whose call was widely publicized on local media, brought together people with banners, loudspeakers and flags rejecting alleged corruption in the current government and demanding the resignation or congress’ removal of the president.

Participants met at the central Campo de Marte from where they walked through several streets until the Paseo de la República, where the Palace of Justice is located. A rally was then held with the participation of political leaders and other representatives of the opposition.

Former conservative candidate Lourdes Flores told Channel N television that the march had a message of a “final solution” because her country “cannot continue like this” and called on congress to remove Castillo from government.

“Peru needs us to react and solve the problem now,” she said.

Before the rally, a group of demonstrators tried to advance towards the Plaza San Martin, the usual scene of demonstrations in Lima, but riot police blocked the way to the area, causing minor skirmishes.

In the plaza were Castillo’s supporters, who defended the leftist regime and launched harangues against the press and government opponents, while displaying a gigantic banner that read “Combat Trench.”

Police on horseback were also present to prevent clashes between both groups of citizens.

In other cities in the interior of the country, such as Chiclayo and Trujillo in the north, and Cusco in the south, similar marches were held, although with fewer citizens. EFE


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