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Police clash with rightists at LGBT event in Ukraine

Kiev, July 30 (EFE).- At least one person was detained here Friday when police intervened to prevent right-wing activists from attacking a rally organized by Ukraine’s LGBT community.

Efe/epa photojournalist Sergey Dolzhenko captured images of an LGBT rave outside the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky and of the battles between riot police and ultra-nationalists who came out to counter the Ukraine Pride mobilization.

The event was held in part to promote a bill now under consideration by the Ukrainian parliament aimed at reducing discrimination and curbing violence against members of marginalized groups.

Two months ago, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal sent to lawmakers a proposal to prohibit discrimination based on skin color, language, sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Deprived of the protection of the state, we use the only effective tool of direct democracy left to us – protest,” organizers said when they announced plans for Friday’s event. “And our protest will be loud and noticeable.”

And they explained the decision to stage the demonstration in the form of a rave by referring to “real police repression” of Ukraine’s electronic music scene that “makes the country dangerous for its citizens and unattractive for foreign guests.” EFE /dr

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