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Putin threatens ‘lightning-fast’ response against any interference in Ukraine

Moscow, Apr 27 (EFE).- Russian president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said that any foreign interference in his country’s invasion of Ukraine would be met with a “lightning-fast” attack.

“If someone decides to intervene in the ongoing events from outside and create unacceptable strategic threats for Russia, our response will be lightning-fast,” he warned during a meeting with the Council of Legislators in St. Petersburg.

Putin stressed that Russia has “all the tools for this,” referring to hypersonic weapons.

Weapons “that no one except us has. But we are not going to brag. We will use them if necessary and I want everyone to know this,” he added.

“All decisions on this have already been taken,” he pointed out.

The Russian leader accused the West of making Ukraine “anti-Russian,” and pushing it into conflict with its northern neighbor.

“So our reaction to those cynical plans was correct and timely,” he said, referring to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that was launched on February 24.

Putin also insisted that Russia would secure its intended objectives in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov warned that the risk of a nuclear war “is serious, it is real and it should not be underestimated”.

Russia recently carried out a test launch of its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, which, according to Putin, “is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defense,” and “has no analogs in the world”.EFE


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