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Putin wants ‘Korean scenario’ for Ukraine, Kyiv warns

Lviv, Ukraine, Mar 27 (EFE).- Russia has shifted its focus away from a complete takeover of Ukraine and now is aiming to divide the country along similar lines as the Korean peninsula, according to the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov.

The Russians have failed to topple the Ukrainian government as president Vladimir Putin intended, and have suffered heavy defeats in Kyiv, Budanov said in a message posted on his Facebook account.

“There is reason to believe that he is considering a ‘Korean’ scenario for Ukraine,” the head of the Defense Ministry’s intelligence department said, that would consist of “a dividing line between the unoccupied and occupied regions of our country.”

“It is an attempt to create North and South Korea in Ukraine. After all, he is definitely not able to swallow the whole state,” Budanov said, who added that Russia’s efforts are now focused on creating a land corridor with Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula that was annexed by Russia in 2014.

On Friday Russia’s high command said it had generally accomplished the objectives of the so-called first phase of its “special military operation” in Ukraine and it was now concentrating on what it called the “liberation” of the self-proclaimed separatist republics in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly made it clear that any negotiations with Russia must lead to “meaningful results”.

In a recent message, the Ukrainian leader insisted that territorial integrity must be “guaranteed” and warned that his people “will not accept any conditions” that do not respect that sovereignty. EFE


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