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Russia has fired almost 800 missiles at Ukraine since war began

Kyiv, May 12 (EFE).- Some 788 cruise ballistic missiles have been launched from Russian or Belarusian territory into Ukraine since Moscow began the country’s invasion on Feb. 24, Oleksiy Hromov, a high-ranking officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said Thursday.

Since the beginning of large-scale hostilities, Russian armed forces have carried out 487 missile strikes against Ukraine, the military official said, according to the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

In these attacks, 788 ballistic and cruise missiles have been fired from Russia and Belarus, according to the count of Ukrainian authorities carried out Wednesday until 17:00 GMT.

Hromov said the launches include 213 Iskander operational tactical missiles, some 61 Tochka-U operational tactical missiles, another 235 sea and air-based cruise missiles and 4,917 aerial sorties by Russian troops.

Russian armed forces carried out 49 missile attacks from their territory In May alone.

Seventy four Iskanders cruise and ballistic missiles were also fired and 459 airstrikes were carried out, Hromov said.

The official said Russia’s main targets with these attacks have been transportation infrastructure facilities in southern and eastern Ukraine.

Russian troops also fired repeatedly at other critical infrastructure facilities, he said. EFE


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