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Scholz: Putin miscalculated, none of his plans have worked out

Berlin, Dec 14 (EFE).- None of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military plans have worked out and the Kremlin has “fundamentally miscalculated” in its invasion of Ukraine, German chancellor Olaf Scholz told members of parliament on Wednesday.

In his last address of the year to German lawmakers at the Bundestag, Scholz said Putin had “not achieved a single goal” since invading Ukraine in late February and that the Russian leader’s conviction that Kyiv would surrender within days was a huge miscalculation on his part.

Putin was wrong “about the courage of Ukrainians, about Europe, about us, about the character of our democracies, about our will to resist big power mania and imperialism,” he said.

“Anyone who thinks he can undermine the values of the EU, to which every member state has committed itself, by blocking its foreign and security policies, will fail,” the chancellor added.

Scholz described Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine as “a terrible turning point” and the trigger of a new era for Europe and the world.

He reiterated the West’s continued economic and humanitarian support to Ukraine and the deployment of weapons for as long as it takes, both in the short term and to rebuild the nation, while at the same time increasing pressure on Russia through EU sanctions.EFE


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