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Sevilla FC promotes investing with influencers

By Antonio Martin Guirado

Madrid, Dec 17 (EFE).- German company NAGA, the main sponsor of Sevilla FC for the upcoming seasons, aims to become the go-to investment app for young people by adapting the platform to include an inbuilt social network that allows users to learn from the pros.

It is a platform where you can learn, create and mimic successful trades, Benjamin Bilski, NAGA founder and CEO, told EFE.

With this app, he sees a natural evolution of what many users did a decade ago when they dived into YouTube to learn to cook a dish or to carry out an exercise routine.

They searched for an expert and learned from them.

“In recent years, if you want to use your money wisely, you don’t go to the bank anymore. You don’t go to certain corporations. You go to influencers from that world, and that is what we are doing. We are connecting influencers from the financial domain with followers who want to learn to invest online,” Bilski explained.

The key to attracting these figures is the monetization of their time and activities, the entrepreneur said.

“At NAGA, when you complete a transaction and users copy it, the company pays you for it. The better you operate, the more followers you get, the more activity you generate and the more money you make,” the 33-year-old former professional swimmer continued.

It is increasingly common to find investment applications as sponsors of European football teams, but these movements come at a time when it is estimated that younger viewers are losing interest in football in favor of new technologies and forms of leisure.

However, Bilski believes this situation is about to change.

“The more we digitize our services towards the ‘blockchain’ and cryptocurrencies, the more attractive it also becomes for young users and I believe that the world of football is also moving in this direction,” the executive, who maintains that the game is in the midst of a “transformative phase,” added.

“Soccer may have lost some of its appeal (to young people), but it is going to regain it with NFT’s, which are great (…) People are starting to believe only in digital and soccer would play a massive role at the time of adopting it as something universal,” he noted.

Through the NAGA app, you can invest in stocks, raw materials or other more sophisticated products, such as cryptocurrencies, which for Bilski have an “unstoppable” potential, like NFT’s, a new technology he also believes in.

“People do not trust what is new, but then the train leaves and you have no other option. All the controversy they generate implies that there will be more regulation in the market and it will be adapted for mass consumption. Back in 1995, we saw the same resistance to buying online. Now it’s the same, and it’s unstoppable,” he said.

What is tangible is the company’s interest in growing the Spanish market.

NAGA knew it would bet on football because it has “a huge community” and opted for LaLiga to obtain “greater confidence and greater recognition.”

The company saw a “very attractive” partner in Sevilla FC — which receives around 5.5 million euros per season from the sponsor — due to his international reach.

“The fact that they play the Champions League, play against teams like Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid or Real Madrid… that gives us extra exposure,” he said.

And the results have not been long in coming.

“We are receiving many more users from Spain, and we see that previous clients are more active and trust us more,” he said.

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