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Shanghai Disney Resort characters open for hugs once again

Beijing, Mar 6 (EFE).- Disney characters were once again giving hugs at Shanghai Disney Resort on Monday following China’s dismantling of its zero-Covid policy, which led to the closure of theme park on numerous occasions.

“Starting today, guests are welcome to get closer and interact with our cherished Disney characters who look forward to opening their arms for hugs, handshakes as well as close-up photos with guests,” the park announced on its official WeChat social network account on Monday.

Character autographs and tableside dining experiences will return at a later date, it added.

The resort made its decision based on the “proven success in other Disney theme parks in returning to traditional character greetings.”

During the strict zero-Covid policy enforced by Beijing, the park was forced to close its doors on numerous occasions due to virus outbreaks, one of which led to the cessation of the tourist attraction’s operations for three months as part of the spring 2022 lockdown.

After almost three years of hard restrictions that eventually sparked protests across the country, China began to dismantle the strategy at the end of 2022, and on Jan. 8 it downgraded the coronavirus from the maximum category A, thus marking the end of this policy in practice.

The zero-Covid policy consisted of lockdowns wherever infections were detected, monitoring of citizens’ movements, almost total closure of borders, and constant PCR testing.

Between Dec. 8 and Feb. 9, the period that covers the withdrawal of the strictest prevention measures and the subsequent wave of infections, 83,150 deaths in hospitals related to Covid-19 were officially recorded in China. EFE


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