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Social media shows retirees protesting social cuts in Wuhan, China

Beijing, Feb 15 (EFE).- Hundreds of retirees protested Wednesday in Wuhan against alleged cuts in their social benefits, according to footage shared on social media.

The content, available on international services such as Twitter – censored in China – circulated on local social media such as Weibo or Douyin (the Chinese version of Tiktok) before being deleted.

Searching for the word “Wuhan” on Weibo no longer returns any results related to protests, as is often the case on Chinese networks in cases of demonstrations or social unrest.

The videos show groups of retirees gathered near a city park surrounded by a heavy police presence.

The protests are rooted in the reduction of social benefits for the city’s elderly, who have seen their monthly allowance for medical expenses cut.

This reduction is part of a reform undertaken by several Chinese localities of the health expense reimbursement system.

Last weekend, Wuhan authorities said on a government website that, thanks to the reform, the reduction in the amount transferred to retirees is more than offset by greater treatment coverage.

However, similar demonstrations against the reduction of health payments have also taken place in the last few hours in the northeastern city of Dalian, according to accounts from international social media. EFE


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