South Korean president calls Japan ‘partner’ on independence anniversary

Seoul, Mar 1 (EFE).- South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol called Japan a “partner” Wednesday when it comes to addressing security and economic challenges in the country, in a speech during the anniversary of the nation’s independence from Japanese colonial rule.

“Now, a century after the Mar. 1 independence movement, Japan has transformed from a militaristic aggressor of the past into a partner who shares the same universal values with us,” Yoon said at Seoul’s Yu Gwan-sun’s salon, named after a South Korean independence activist, on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of independence.

The South Korean president also spoke of the bilateral cooperation between the two countries concerning security and the economy, as well as what he called “global challenges” and added the importance of the trilateral relationship with the United States.

“Trilateral cooperation between South Korea, the US and Japan has become more important than ever in overcoming security crises, including the growing nuclear threats from North Korea and the global situation,” Yoon said.

Among the historical disputes between the two countries, the conflict of sexual slaves stands out, euphemistically called “comfort women,” which has caused friction between South Korea and Japan in recent decades, and has become the main stumbling block in their relations.

Ties between the two neighbors hit their lowest point in decades during South Korea’s previous liberal government of President Moon Jae-in. EFE


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