Spain MPs vote to expand abortion, trans rights

Madrid, Feb 16 (EFE).- Spanish lawmakers on Thursday approved reforms to the country’s abortion rules and new legislation allowing teenagers over the age of 16 to change their gender without permission from a doctor or psychologist.

The separate packages tabled by the Socialist Party-led left-wing coalition cleared Congress, Spain’s lower house, despite differing opinions on transgender rights within the government and opposition to the abortion proposals from right-wings groups.

The abortion reforms will permit those over 16 to access abortion services without parental consent – something required for the under-18s until now – and enshrine the right to get an abortion in a public clinic.

The reforms also include paid menstrual leave in a European first.

A separate, new law passed on Thursday expands transgender rights in Spain, allowing people over 16 to officially change their registered gender without medical supervision.

People aged between 14-16 can do so with parental consent while those aged 12-14 will need legal approval.

The so-called trans law was championed by the Socialist Party’s left-wing junior partners Unidas Podemos and highlighted ideological differences in the government amid a pushback from some feminist groups. EFE


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