Spain PM champions social democracy to navigate Covid crisis

Valencia, Spain, Oct 17 (EFE).- Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez defended social democracy as the best way to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic at the conclusion of the ruling Socialist Party’s 40th annual congress on Sunday.

In his closing speech, Sanchez said social democracy provides “fair” and “solidarity-based” solutions to the current crisis, as opposed to the “neoliberal” policies implemented following the financial crisis of 2008, which he described as cruel and inefficient.

“The social democratic project is for the protection of society”, Sanchez said, adding that “European societies are making a firm commitment to social democracy”, pointing to the recent German elections which is likely to result in a left-leaning governing coalition.

Ahead of general elections in two years, the PSOE voted in a new leadership, which includes six current government ministers as well as a host of new faces, with women in the majority.

The Socialist Party faces a complex political scenario in the coming months, with both the party to its left, Unidas Podemos, with whom it rules in a coalition, and the party to the right, the conservative Partido Popular (PP), receiving boosts in recent polling.

The PP, which suffered two major electoral setbacks in the last elections after being removed following a vote of no confidence, is closing the gap with the PSOE, according to polls. EFE


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