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Spanish recyclers replicate Eiffel Tower using scrap metal

Dénia, Spain, Nov 17 (EFE).- A scrap metal company in eastern Spain has built a 15-meter high replica of the Eiffel Tower using 3,000 kilograms of recycled iron.

The brains behind the creation, Rafael Martínez, told Efe he was inspired to replicate the iconic structure as a dare following a trip to Paris with his wife.

The base of the replica tower in Dénia, near Alicante, is a scaled down blueprint of the real Eiffel Tower although the structure tapers off quicker at the top to give the illusion of it being taller and help it withstand strong winds.

Martínez did the calculations and planning for the tower but his colleagues helped out with sourcing material and construction.

Germán Bellstedt, who was in charge of gathering components, said the structure is entirely made up of recycled material.

“Most of it is from a company in Dénia, which had this iron and was not going to use it.”

The pair plan to sell the structure, although both agree they would like to see it stay in Dénia for people to see. EFE


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