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Spider-Man, Super Mustache and Caracas residents celebrate carnival

Caracas, Feb 28 (EFE).- Caracas residents celebrated the annual carnival on Monday, taking to the emblematic Los Próceres promenade wearing costumes ranging from Super-Man to government character Super Mustache.

Crowding into the stands, in front of the stage and in front of children’s playgrounds, the people of the Venezuelan capital forgot pandemic restrictions and enjoyed the floats and musicians that unfolded throughout the promenade.

This was the second carnival of the Covid-19 pandemic and, unlike last year, outdoor and unrestricted activities marked the festivities that this time included parades and concerts in Caracas and other cities.

Although delayed by rain, the central parade in the capital began after 4pm local time (20:00 GMT) with floats from various areas of Caracas, and states such as Lara, Falcón, Sucre La Guaira, Bolívar, as well as some from Curaçao.

The decorated cars included everything from typical themes such as clowns, masks and queens to social and political ones such as the pandemic, tributes to the Mountain Barracks where the remains of Hugo Chávez lay, and others alluding to popular government character Super Mustache fighting against the “imperialist villains.”

For Eulises Silveria, 56, it was “a more colorful, more beautiful, more nourished and more joyous event because we are already coming out, thank God, of the pandemic that has us all overwhelmed.”

Like him, Damelis Bolívar celebrated that public activities were carried out throughout the city for the enjoyment of citizens.

“In all the city parks there are activities like air mattresses and things for children,” Bolívar said, accompanied by his one-year-old daughter.

At the end of the parade, the Caracas mayor and Chavista Carmen Meléndez said that the event included the participation of more than 200 artists and worshipers from all over the country. EFE


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