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“The power of a hug”, EFE’s multimedia Christmas greetings postcard

Madrid, Dec 16 (EFE).- EFE Agency has chosen “the power of a hug” for its Christmas and New Year’s greeting this year, a message that is captured in a video featuring animated photographs taken in 2021 from across the world, in countries such as Mexico, Germany, United States, Pakistan, India, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador and Italy.

Dozens of hugs have been collected over the course of the year, from 180 cities in 120 countries, by a global network of photographers working for the world’s leading news agency in Spanish. Some went viral, such as the image of Luna, a Red Cross volunteer, comforting a tearful migrant taken on May 17, 2021 when some 8,000 undocumented migrants suddenly arrived from Morocco to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in North Africa. It was a heartbreaking display of compassion and humanity amid one of the toughest episodes Spanish social workers have ever faced.

The events in Ceuta triggered a wave of reports and comments in the news and on social media about the impact a simple hug can have: a small gesture of human affection through the power of nonverbal language.

Through its first ever multimedia Christmas postcard, with versions in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese, English and French, EFE sends you a symbolic embrace like the many other anonymous, quiet hugs of comfort, companionship, joy, celebration, love and passion that occurred across the world throughout 2021.

EFE Agency offers this symbolic embrace with sincere wishes of peace and prosperity for 2022.



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