Trump shakes immigration ghost against Biden on his ‘revenge tour’

By Susana Samhan

Washington, Jun 26 (EFE).- Former United States President Donald Trump drew a gloomy panorama in the country Saturday, referencing immigration policies of his successor Joe Biden, in a rally the media said is part of a “revenge tour.”

The former president held the first rally of the tour before hundreds of his supporters in Wellington, northeast Ohio, in an act seen as his return to political activity.

For this first event, Trump raised an issue he knows gives him support among conservative voters: immigration and the situation on the border with Mexico.

As is customary for the former president, he launched a series of accusations in an unfounded manner and without offering evidence to criminalize the migrants who arrive in the United States.

“Only five months into the Biden Administration has been a complete and total catastrophe, crimes are on the rise, murders are on the rise, police departments are dismantled, illegal aliens are entering our borders, no one has ever seen this,” he said.

Trump said drug cartels and human traffickers have returned to operate on the border with Mexico, unlike when he was in office.

“There is no more serious threat today than the crisis on our southern border, except maybe our elections,” said the former president, adding that Biden had dismantled “the US defenses on the border” and instigated “a flood of illegal migrants.”

The event, in the style of the innumerable rallies he gave during his presidency and his two electoral campaigns, saw no lack of the paraphernalia with hats, red t-shirts and posters with the slogan “Save America,” adopted by the ex-president since he left the White House.

Trump said Wednesday he would travel to the border with Mexico, adding that the country’s Vice President Kamala Harris visited the border Friday only because he had announced that he was going to go.

The situation on the border with Mexico has exploded for Biden in the first months of his presidency due to the massive arrival of undocumented immigrants, which has set records from March to May.

Biden has entrusted Harris with the management of immigration and the mission of coordinating with the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America to contain the arrival of undocumented immigrants to the southern border.

Trump also defended his policies, such as the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and the nuclear pact with Iran, as well as the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or the renegotiation of a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. , the T-MEC, replacing NAFTA.

He also reiterated his unfounded accusations that there was electoral fraud in November’s elections; lashed out at postal suffrage, which was critical amid the pandemic; and claimed Democrats took advantage of Covid-19 to win the vote. EFE


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