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UK, Spain join forces to track down 12 British fugitives

Madrid, Jan 19 (EFE).- The United Kingdom and Spain have teamed up to track down 12 British fugitives wanted for a variety of charges ranging from murder to large-scale drug trafficking who are thought to be hiding out in Spain, many around the Costa del Sol.

At an event to launch the Most Wanted campaign, officials from the Spanish interior ministry, the UK’s National Crime Agency and the NGO Crimestoppers said anyone with information relating to the list of suspects could report to the authorities anonymously and in full confidence.

NCA director general of operations Steve Rodhouse said: “The NCA has an excellent relationship with Spanish law enforcement that’s based firmly on tackling the organized crime threat that faces both of our countries. We work together daily to protect the public from this threat.

“Criminals need to know that we will never give up and we are never far behind them.”

Spanish state secretary for security Rafael Pérez highlighted the successful track record of Spanish-UK crime-busting, which has led to the arrest of 86 fugitives wanted by the British justice system since 2006.

Twenty-five of those were arrested in Spain last year, Rodhouse added.

The 12 fugitives currently targeted by the police are suspected to have links to Spain, and in some cases there are leads placing them in Marbella and other locations on the Costa del Sol.

Roughly 18 million Brits visit Spain each year. Authorities are asking tourists and locals to come forward if they have any information by getting in touch with CrimeStoppers. EFE


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