US seeks in India an ally for future challenges

New Delhi, Aug 24 (EFE).- The United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, during an official visit to India on Wednesday, underlined Washington’s intention to make New Delhi an ally in tackling future challenges such as climate change and securing a “free” Indo-Pacific against Chinese influence.

“I am eager to discuss what comes next with respect to how we can continue to deepen the ties between our countries – India, as President (Joe) Biden has said, is one of America’s indispensable partners,” said Wally Adeyemo during a visit to the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

Adeyemo began a three-day official visit to India on Wednesday, with the aim of reaffirming and strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

Technological ties and the presence of Indian talent in Silicon Valley are one of the “pillars” of the US-India relationship, he stressed.

“It’s clear from India’s recent history and conversations I’ve had with leaders of the public and private sector that this country will continue to be a leader alongside America in the digital economy,” said Adeyemo.

Adeyemo highlighted the role of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), a regional cooperation initiative to promote trade and investment between the US and countries in the region, to “make our economies more resilient to the sort of global headwinds that have affected us over the last two years while addressing existential challenges like the risk of climate change.”

The US official also made special reference to the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific.

Washington and New Delhi have sought to form alliances in the face of China’s supposed expansionist goals in the Indo-Pacific region, especially within the framework of the so-called “QUAD,” a coalition that includes Australia and Japan.

Days before Adeyemo’s visit to India, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price expressed hope that India would reorient its foreign policy due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and distance itself from Moscow.

Despite international pressures to isolate Moscow from the start of the Ukraine conflict, and calls from the West to prevent Russian oil imports, India has continued to buy fuel from Russia to meet its high energy needs. EFE


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