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Venezuelans enter ‘immersive dream’ of van Gogh

Caracas, Dec 7 (EFE).- Amid yellows and blues and a calming soundtrack, Venezuelans on Wednesday entered the “immersive dream” of Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh to see more than 200 of his artworks come to life, including “Sunflowers,” “The Bedroom” and “The Starry Night.”

After a tour of Europe and America, Van Gogh’s immersive dream exhibit is installed in a large tent on the helipad of a hotel in capital Caracas, where visitors are able to enter the painter’s art in motion.

In little more than 45 minutes, the exhibition walks visitors through more than 200 works projected onto screens some three stories high, allowing the viewer to feel part of or inside the paintings, finding themselves at any moment in the sea, among enormous lilies or in a “Starry Night.”

The moving light, among which yellows, white, blues and greens stand out, invites visitors to capture it with their cameras, to delve even deeper into an experience full of contrasts.

Some even dare to imitate dance steps as a nod to the “dream” of the painter.

There are also educational panels that describe his most important works, as well as a room with a hologram where van Gogh, brush in hand, recounts the setbacks and mental health problems he faced during his life, which also inspired him to capture his feelings in paint.

There is also a room with a smaller screen where visitors can experience the chrome yellow pigments used by van Gogh in “Sunflowers.”

Despite a short career and life, van Gogh (1853-1890) immortalized in his colorful canvases the setbacks and disappointments that marked his career, which, albeit belatedly, would make him one of the world’s post-impressionist masters. EFE


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