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Xi urges Biden to work together for world peace

Beijing, Mar 18 (EFE).- Chinese President Xi Jinping Friday urged his US counterpart Joe Biden to work together towards world peace and said the crisis in Ukraine was something they “would not have wanted to see”.

Xi made the remarks during an online meeting with Biden, the first between the two leaders since November last year.

“China and the US should not only put their relations on the right track, but also share their international responsibilities and work for global tranquility and stability,” Xi said.

The Chinese leader stressed that peace and development face “serious challenges” and that the world has changed since their last conversation.

“The facts show us once again that countries should not go to the extreme of meeting on the battlefield. Conflict and confrontation are in no one’s interest, and what the international community should treasure most is peace and security.”

Further details on Xi and Biden’s discussion about the Russian offensive against Ukraine were not given out by Chinese state media.

Friday’s meeting comes less than a week after the one held in Rome between Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan and China’s top foreign official Yang Jiechi.

Earlier this week, China denied media reports that Russia had asked for military support amid its invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

US officials said that if such support was provided, the East Asian country would face global isolation. EFE


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