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Zelensky says satisfied with Chinese ‘status quo’ over Ukraine war

Davos, Switzerland, May 25 (EFE).- President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Wednesday he was satisfied with the “status quo” policy of China over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, he struck a cautionary note, saying he would like to believe that “China will not pursue a different policy behind it.”

“We are satisfied with this status quo. I do not see any steps that China would take against Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

“That is better than helping Russia. That is why we are satisfied with the status quo. I mean it, sincerely,” he said.

Zelenskyy spoke via video link at a “Ukrainian breakfast” during the World Economic Forum’s gathering in Davos, Switzerland.

Asked if China could play any role in pressuring Russia to end the war, Zelensky said: “I am not sure that China will.”

According to the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, the Ukrainian president added that he did not think China would take any steps for or against Ukraine.

He said China was missing something, and it would be its ties with the United States.

“I think the United States can influence relations with China and then all this will affect Russia.”

Zelenskyy already spoke during the first session of the Davos forum, reiterating his request for support from the international community to deal with Russia’s aggression.

He called for more sanctions against Moscow.

This edition of the WEF is marked by the war in Ukraine as a priority issue – both in political and economic debates.

The organizers have not invited Russian officials or companies to the Swiss ski town for the annual event amid global sanctions over its military invasion of Ukraine.

A short distance from the center where the forum takes place, some Ukrainian artists rented a building known as the Russia House to stage the exhibition on Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The building, which lay empty this year, has been given a new name: “Russian War Crimes House.”


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