2 Iranian prisoners executed in connection with anti-government protests

Tehran, Jan 7 (EFE).- Iran executed two prisoners on Saturday for the alleged murder of a security officer during nationwide protests sparked by the death in custody of a young Kurdish woman in September last year.

It brought the number of executions to four in connection with the months-long anti-government demonstrations.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami, 22, and Mohammad Hosseini, 20, were executed for the November 12 death of a Basij Islamic militia member, the Mizan news agency reported.

Karami and Hosseini were among the rioters when people were protesting in Karaj, west of Tehran.

The rioters blocked a highway by triggering unrest and throwing stones and construction debris on the roadside.

As security officer Ruhollah Ajamian tried to clear the road, he was attacked and stabbed to death by rioters, the news agency said.

Some 16 accused were tried for the murder.

Karami and Hosseini, the prime accused, were arrested on November 5 and sentenced to death a month later, Amnesty International said.

Karami’s father, who practiced karate, a sport in which he won several medals, told the Iranian media that the judicial authorities did not allow the family to choose a defense lawyer.

The lawyer appointed for the defense did not respond to calls from the family, the father said.

Two other prisoners, Hamid Ghare-Hasalou and Hossein Mohammadi were sentenced to death for the murder.

The executions of Karami and Hosseini follow the hangings of Mohsen Shekari and Majid Reza Rahnavard in early December in connection with the protests.

The executions have sparked international criticism, especially from Western countries.

At least 26 more people have been sentenced to death for their involvement in the protests, including 18-year-old Arshia Takdastan.

Takdastan was put on death row two days ago.

Iran has been shaken for months by protests that have spread across the country following the alleged death in custody of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, 22, in Tehran on September 16.

Amini was detained by the morality police on September 13 allegedly for improperly donning her hijab.

The unrest has evolved into demands calling for the end of the Islamic republic founded by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

More than 450 people have reportedly died in the almost three months of protests.

At least 2,000 people have been accused by the Iranian judiciary of various crimes for their participation in the demonstrations. EFE

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