Duterte officially announces vice presidential bid

Bangkok, Sep 8 (EFE).- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, legally barred from being reelected to the presidency, on Wednesday officially announced his candidature for the post of vice president in the next elections, set to be held in May 2022.

Duterte officially confirmed his candidature during a meeting in the city of San Fernando, in which his Philippine Democratic Party–People’s Power, (PDP-LABAN), announced candidates for next year’s polls.

“No words can express my gratitude for your continued trust and confidence in my leadership and for nominating me as the party’s official vice presidential candidate in the 2022 elections,” Duterte said in speech, state news agency PNA reported.

“Do you know why I will seek the vice presidency? Is it ambition? Maybe. But is it really a sense of love of country? Yes. (…) Because I want to see the continuity of my efforts even though I may not be the one giving the direction,” he added.

The party had announced 76-year-old Duterte’s nomination on Aug. 24, but so far he had not confirmed it officially.

The PDP LABAN has still not announced a presidential candidate.

The Philippine constitution prohibits presidents from seeking reelection after a sole six-year term in office.

Local journalists have speculated that Duterte’s daughter Sara, mayor of the southern city of Davao – the traditional stronghold of the family – could run for presidency.

Some analysts have said that the president is seeking to remain in power in order to protect himself from being tried for his violent anti-drug campaign.

On Jun. 14, the International Criminal Court at the Hague sought judicial sanction to investigate alleged crimes against humanity committed during the war on drugs that Duterte launched after assuming office in 2016.

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